Monday, 28 May 2012

Welcome to our new Chinese Translator! =D

Ilia's Staff Picture
Our new chinese translators name is Ilia, andid like to wish her a warm welcome to takai tenshi! =D

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Regalia - Chapter 2 - Released!

Hey guys!

Chapter 2 of regalia has been released! Sorry for the delay, but we have it finished and you can find it here! =D

I hope you enjoy it! =D

Jodie B - Takai Tenshi.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Welcome to our new translator - Shadow Vagrant!

Wecome Shadow Vagrant!

Shadow's Profile Picture
A big welcome to the takai tenshi family, our new translator Shadow Vagrant has joined us and will be translating chinese manga for us! =D yay! we will release the name of the chinese manga we will be choosing to translate when the selection is finalized, till then enjoy our releases and welcome shadow vagrant! =D

Takai Tenshi - Jodie B.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

new manga! fantasy romance and shounen? i guess

hi! here we are again! thanks to fro visiting our site! ;P we have a  new manga...REGALIA! you can download it now! I'm really grateful to the staff for working hard and still with our group! (T.T they didn't abandon us, I thought they did)! and THANK YOU to all of you, in behalf of Me and Jodie..thanks! we also want to welcome our new typesetter and cleaner KURIKARA and some of my friends who are willing to help us thank you so much BLUEZOO00...although were really slow in releasing our projects we make sure that its worth waiting...;U ahahaha ....i wanna say hi to our staff! yuechi, starknight, Raiya, Bezellebub,Sirvia, Levictus, Kim (hey how are you?) just wanna say GOOD JOB!? hope your all okay and in good health! enjoy your summer/vacation...although i want to...but need to work...T.T

We also thought that we must first focus on...the following series: until it ends...HOPEFULLY

-Demon Sacred (Melon needs an assistant (ANOTHER TRANSLATOR must be willing...) so that she can work on a some series...:P
-Regalia (Melon our Japanese translator girl! thanks)
-Like to be ordinary (our Insoo is working on this one, needs an assistant KOREAN TRANSLATOR...hey! thanks! really am thankful to you for doing LTBO! ;P)
-Li ren man! (this one is on the process hopefully Sumay can finish it ;P) btw were DOING the SEQUEL not the prequel another group is doing it so yep!!!

*this series was to be release last week but due to my work! i didnt have time to check it..
BTW we are in NEED OF CLEANER and TRANSLATORS that will help our senior TR....part time or full time...we or with knowledge bout it....:O were not picky...we give you plenty of time...were not demanding (sometimes) ehehe ...

Saturday, 31 March 2012


Sorry for our late releases were having problems in some of our staff! we need more manpower ahehe esp. TRANSLATOR!!! if your bored or you have nothing to do then you can join us!! ;P btw here's our new yaoi project can DOWNLOAD it here....were still ACTIVE but due to our PERSONAL LIFE & PROBLEMS we tend to release our projects in a slow i hope you guys support and help us! if you want a super duper faster manga & manhwa releases.......the you know what to do! ;P

Monday, 13 February 2012

New manga!

hi! thanks for dropping by at our site and your support..although were not as fast as the other group (when releasing a manga) we enjoy what we do...we have our private lives to consider also ; all the staff thanks for your hard work ...hope that you enjoy staying with the group... :) btw here's our new manga you can download it here: